New Geoscience BC strategic plan sets out vision for minerals, energy and water research

Vancouver, BC - April 17, 2018 -Geoscience BC has today launched its Strategic Plan 2018-2022, which sets out the priority areas of work that the non-profit society will focus on over the next five years to continue providing high-quality and unbiased earth science that is useful and publicly accessible.

Under the moniker Forging Opportunities Through Earth Science Partnerships, the Strategic Plan cements Geoscience BC's vision to be a leading partner and provider of credible and relevant earth science research and data that complements the work of provincial and federal geological survey agencies in British Columbia. Geoscience BC's mission will focus on minerals, energy and water research to:

  • Improve our collective level of geoscience knowledge,
  • Inform responsible natural resource development and investment decisions,
  • Catalyzes socio-economic opportunities, and
  • Stimulate innovation and geoscience technologies.

The biggest change for the organization is the addition of water resources as an important strategic focus area. In the past, Geoscience BC projects relating to water have been part of the minerals or energy areas*. This change is a result of feedback from 400 people during the planning process, where Geoscience BC heard an increasing desire for research and data to better understand and manage BC's water resources.

Geoscience BC Board Chair Mike Cathro said: "Geoscience BC has delivered more than 160 successful projects since inception in 2005. The Strategic Plan 2018-2022 gives Geoscience BC the clear direction needed to continue its innovative and collaborative work that is valued by so many."

Geoscience BC President and CEO Gavin C. Dirom said: "Thank you to the hundreds of people from across the resource sectors, governments, First Nations, communities and academia that shared their ideas as we built our Strategic Plan 2018-2022. Importantly, their input also helps us to effectively implement the Strategic Plan and progressively move ahead with our partners in a rapidly changing world. Our team is excited to start making it happen."

See the plan

You can view Geoscience BC's Strategic Plan 2018-2022 online here.

Print copies are available from the Geoscience BC office upon request.

* Existing examples of Geoscience BC water projects include:

The Peace Project: mapping groundwater and aquifers in northeastern BC.

The Mining Industry Knowledge Hub: A pilot project to collate water data collected by mining companies operating in BC and improve access to previously-private data.

About Geoscience BC

Geoscience BC is an independent, non-profit organization that generates earth science information in collaboration with First Nations, local communities, governments, academia and the resource sector. Our independent earth science enables informed resource management decisions. Geoscience BC gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.