Mallory Dalsin, MSc student, University of British Columbia


From a young age I have been interested in geology. When I was eight years old I received a pot of gold box full of minerals and found out that as a geologist I could look at minerals for a living. I have never looked back since. In 2003 I began my undergraduate career in Edmonton at the University of Alberta. In the summer of 2006 I had my first job as a geology student working on a drill program in the Yukon with YNG Resources. After graduating in 2007 with an Honours degree in Geology, I moved to Vancouver to work for First Majestic Silver Corp. After working as a geologist at three of their Mexican properties for several months I began working for Hawthorne Gold Corp. After spending two years working as an exploration geologist on their BC properties I moved on to working for Mackevoy Geosciences Ltd. and began my Masters in January 2011. My previous experience with numerous exploration and mining companies has given me excellent exposure to numerous exploration projects and deposit types. I hope to have a long and productive career in the mineral exploration industry while finding new economic resources and advancing current knowledge of mineral deposits through field and laboratory techniques.

Project: The Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Geochronology of the Wicheeda Carbonatite Complex, BC

The Wicheeda carbonatite complex is located 80km north east of Prince George, B.C.. Carbonatites are rare magmatic rocks that are composed of over 50% carbonate minerals. They are generally associated with continental rift related tectonic settings. They are commonly enriched in REE’s, Nb, and P. We know very little about the genesis of these rocks as a whole. The Wicheeda carbonatite complex has been historically explored for its REE potential but until recently there has been very little extensive exploration. My study aims to determine the mineralogy, geochemistry, geology and age of the Wicheeda carbonatite. In order to do this I intend to sample drill core, historic trenches, outcrops and complete geological mapping followed by sample analysis using field and laboratory techniques. Through field these techniques I hope to gain an understanding of the Wicheeda carbonatite, its mineralogy and economic potential. Understanding carbonatites and the mineralogy of REE deposits is important to determine a successful exploration strategy, whether a deposit is economic or not, and could assist in exploration of other REE deposits in this belt as a whole.