Critical Minerals and Metals

Key Researcher(s):  K. RakhitArrayN.D. BarlowArrayW. Jackaman; D. Sacco

Project ID(s):  2018-050, 2021-001, 2022-005

Key Research Organization(s):  Canadian Discovery Ltd., Matrix Solutions Inc., Noble Exploration Services Ltd.; Palmer, Purple Rock Inc.

Project Location:  British Columbia, North Central and South Central, Northeast BC

Strategic Focus Area:  Minerals


Critical metals and minerals are essential resources used in the manufacture of products needed for the transition to a lower carbon and more circular economy. Given very prospective geology, diverse mineral deposits and a wealth of exploration and mining talent, BC is well positioned to become a global leader in the development and production of critical metals and minerals. With exploration spending at a near record $660 million in the province in 2021, and with the demand for critical minerals expected to increase significantly, BC’s production could grow to help meet the global need for these resources. Public geoscience attracts investment to target mineral exploration and development opportunities: A study of our minerals research projects shows that for every $1 invested by Geoscience BC, there is a corresponding $6.60 of investment in mineral exploration. It is also used by communities and Indigenous groups to inform decisions.


Critical Minerals and Metals in BC Mine Tailings and Waste Rock

Tailings and waste rock from many of British Columbia’s earlier mining operations may host economic concentrations of critical minerals and metals. This project would assess the physical, mineralogical and geochemical properties of select historic mine tailings and waste rock across the province, providing new data which can support updated interpretations of the resource and improve their environmental and social legacies...

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