Cleaner Energy

Key Researcher(s):  M. BustinArrayTBD

Project ID(s):  2017-014, 2022-010, 2022-011

Key Research Organization(s):  TBD, University of British Columbia

Project Location:  Northeast BC, Northwest BC, Southeast BC

Strategic Focus Area:  Energy-Geothermal


As Canada transitions to net zero emissions and alternative sources of energy, geothermal, hydrogen and lower carbon intensity natural gas could all play an important role in BC’s future energy mix. Geoscience BC’s public geothermal energy research is being used by geothermal explorers and developers, communities, Indigenous groups and governments to make investment decisions about potential development projects. Combined with Geoscience BC’s geological CCS projects, geothermal research also supports the development of a hydrogen sector in BC, and aligns with federal and provincial hydrogen strategies.

BC’s natural gas sector produces some of the cleanest and lowest emission intensity natural gas in the world. Aligning with federal and provincial net-zero transition strategies, Geoscience BC’s publicly-available research provides key data on emissions, seismicity and water use that enables more informed decision-making by governments, communities, Indigenous groups and the natural gas industry.


Project Concept: Northwest BC Geothermal Energy Potential Assessment

Geothermal energy resources can provide baseload power and heat (direct use), bringing potential economic development opportunities, particularly for remote communities. However, characterizing geothermal resources and assessing their potential can be a risky and expensive exercise. Public geoscience has been used successfully to develop predictive models...

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Project Concept: Southeast BC Geothermal Energy Potential Assessment