Carbon Capture and Storage

Key Researcher(s):  G. DippleArrayK. RakhitArrayN. SweetArrayTBD

Project ID(s):  2018-038, 2022-001, 2022-006, 2022-008, 2022-009, 2023-008

Key Research Organization(s):  Canadian Discovery, TBD, University of British Columbia - BRIMM

Project Location:  British Columbia, North Central, South Central and Northwest BC, Northeast BC, Southwest BC

Strategic Focus Area:  Minerals


Geoscience BC and its partners are adapting to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world. Commitments to a lower carbon economy are creating an increased demand for independent public geoscience to identify and assess potential for geological carbon capture and storage (CCS) in BC.

Meeting this demand requires new geoscience research that attracts investment, de-risks emerging opportunities and positions BC at the forefront by providing quality technical data and information needed for industry, governments, academia, communities and Indigenous groups to make evidence-based decisions.

Geoscience BC is supporting two methods of geological CCS research in BC: carbon sequestration in sedimentary basins; and carbon mineralization.


Northeast BC Geological Carbon Capture and Storage Atlas

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Project Concept: Pilot-scale Carbon Capture and Storage in Ultramafic Rocks
Project Concept: Southwest BC Geological Carbon Capture and Storage Atlas
Central Interior BC Carbon Storage Assessment
Carbon Mineralization Potential Assessment for BC