Kiera Broda, Ph.D. Student, McGill University


Kiera Broda is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at McGill University under the supervision of Dr. Anthony Williams-Jones. Since 2014, Kiera has worked on several ultramafic-mafic nickel sulphide projects including the Nickel Shäw Deposit (Nickel Creek Platinum Corp.) and most recently the Turnagain Deposit (Giga Metals Corp.). Kiera’s passion for geology began in childhood during vacations through the mountain ranges of the Canadian Cordillera. This early passion transitioned to an academic focus in 2012 upon joining a Bachelor program in geoscience at Vancouver Island University.

Project: Controls on the Nickel Mineralization of the Early Jurassic Alaskan-Type Ultramafic-mafic, Turnagain Complex

The historical notion that Alaskan-type ultramafic-mafic complexes are unfavourable hosts for economic base metal sulphide mineralization is challenged by the presence of significant sulphide mineralization in certain complexes, including the Turnagain Complex, currently being explored by Giga Metals Corp. Through detailed analysis of petrographics, mineral/bulk rock chemistry, and stable isotopes (sulphur, hydrogen, oxygen, iron, and nickel), this investigation aims to examine the interplay and relative importance of magmatic and hydrothermal processes in creating favourable conditions for significant nickel-sulphide mineralization in the Turnagain Complex. The findings of this study will assist Giga Metals Corp. in gaining a better understanding of the controls on nickel-sulphide mineralization, which will aid in the development of metallurgical protocols. Additionally, these findings will contribute to the development of a genetic model for base metal-enriched Alaskan-type complexes.