Improved geochemistry data - Practicum student improves access to geochemistry data on the Earth Science Viewer

June 26, 2018 - A new compilation of every Geoscience BC geochemistry sample ever collected or reanalyzed is now available on the Earth Science Viewer online mapping application, providing easy access and analytical results for more than 60000 samples.

The upgrade is the result of several months of back-end work, it and provides a comprehensive and robust compilation of all Geoscience BC geochemistry data. The work was carried out by practicum student Adam Czecholinski as part of his GIS Advanced Diploma Program at BCIT, with oversight from Geoscience BC's in-house GIS Specialist Ron Prasad.

Adam is a recent graduate of Simon Fraser University where he completed a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geoscience. He is pursuing certification as a Geoscientist-In-Training through Engineers and Geoscientists BC.

The new compilation includes data from over 33 Geoscience BC reports and provides improved detail about the collected samples including field observations, analytical results and analysis methods. The map tip for the geochemistry layer on the Earth Science Viewer has been redesigned to provide important information about a sample at a glance.

To view the new data, open the Earth Science Viewer. and check / open the 'Minerals Data' menu on the left-hand menu bar. From there you can select to show stream, lake or till geochemical data. By clicking on a sample, you can see an overview of data.

Sample image:

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