Geoscience BC’s Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation Advisory Committee

* Application closed *

Vancouver, BC – January 16, 2023 – Geoscience BC is building an Indigenous Relations & Reconciliation Advisory Committee to bring more Indigenous leadership to its research on critical minerals and metals, geological carbon capture and storage and cleaner energy. Opportunities to join the committee are now open.

Commenting on the news, Geoscience BC Vice Chair and Indigenous reconciliation specialist Lana Eagle said: “The creation of this new committee is significant: It will create new ways to integrate Indigenous perspectives into Geoscience BC’s planning, research and ways of working.”

Geoscience BC is seeking up to five Indigenous members to form the Committee. Other Committee members will be two volunteer Geoscience BC Directors, the President & CEO and the Vice President, External Relations. The Committee will be chaired by Lana Eagle.

The committee will play an important role in guiding Geoscience BC’s approach to Indigenous relations and reconciliation on matters related to:  

  • Guiding Geoscience BC’s role in reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples;
  • Developing key performance indicators to measure Geoscience BC’s progress towards reconciliation;
  • Integrating Indigenous needs, principles and Traditional Knowledge into Geoscience BC research and planning;
  • Being a safe place to share and test ideas that progress Indigenous reconciliation;
  • Enhancing Indigenous voices in Geoscience BC research and governance;
  • Developing Indigenous engagement principles to guide Geoscience BC ‘s engagement approach and advise Geoscience BC's contracted researchers ‘on the ground’;
  • Understanding data sovereignty for Indigenous communities and responsible use of Geoscience BC data by end users;
  • Identifying ways Geoscience BC can help build lasting geoscience-related capacity in Indigenous communities; and
  • Considering Geoscience BC’s geographically limited scope and potential to expand beyond BC’s provincial borders with Indigenous leadership guidance and support.


How to Apply

To apply to join the Committee, please send a copy of your resumé and a letter explaining why you would like to join the Committee, including suggestions for three priorities for Geoscience BC to address, to Questions can be sent to the same email address. Application closed

Applications will be reviewed against a skills, knowledge and experience matrix considering:

  • Experience of working in or with natural resource sectors;
  • Experience of working in leadership or technical positions for Indigenous organizations or Nations;
  • Demonstration of working collaboratively with diverse groups;
  • Knowledge of relevant Indigenous Peoples’ challenges, issues and opportunities; 
  • A balance of genders, ages, perspectives and experience.


Supporting Documents

If you are interested in joining the Committee, please review the documents below.


Geoscience BC Membership Program and Project Concepts

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Geoscience BC’s Corporate, Individual, Student and Associate membership program makes it easier for a wide range of partners to provide more input on, and benefit from, Geoscience BC research priorities and project ideas as the transition to a lower carbon economy increases demand for British Columbia’s natural resources.

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For more information, please contact:

Richard Truman

Geoscience BC