Geoscience BC TREK Project Update

June 27, 2013- Geoscience BC is pleased to announce that Aeroquest Airborne Limited has been selected to fly the 2013 TREK Project airborne magnetic survey over British Columbia's northern interior plateau region (shown on map below). The survey flight lines will be oriented east-west with a line spacing of 250 m. The survey is expected to start in July and Geoscience BC anticipates releasing this new dataset in early 2014.

The TREK Project, launched in early 2013, is focused on a highly prospective area for mineral resources that remains underexplored due to complicated and poorly understood bedrock geology and overburden. In addition to the airborne survey, the TREK Project will include several other exploration geoscience activities including regional geochemical sampling (stream, lake, soil and till), biogeochemical sampling, geological mapping plus mineral deposit studies as well as sampling designed to evaluate geothermal potential in the region. For more information, visit our project page at

TREK Airborne Magnetic Survey

Geoscience BC

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