Geoscience BC to Release Three Reports at Mineral Exploration Roundup

January 19, 2017 - Geoscience BC will be releasing three reports next week, in conjunction with AME BC's Minerals Exploration Roundup Conference, held at the Vancouver Convention Centre (East). The following three reports will be made available for download through Geoscience BC's website at
  • Report 2017-01: Summary of Activities 2016
  • Report 2017-03: Search Phase II Airborne Magnetic and Radiometric Survey
  • Report 2017-04: 2016 Regional Geochemical Survey (RGS) Sample Reanalysis Project

Brief descriptions of the reports are provided below. Please note the release date/time for each report.

Geoscience BC Summary of Activities 2016, Report 2017-01
Available at 9:00 am on Monday January 23rd

Summary of Activities is Geoscience BC's annual technical publication, providing updates on new, ongoing and recently completed Geoscience BC-supported projects. Limited digital and print copies will be available from Geoscience BC's Roundup Booth (#1526) on January 23 and 24 (Monday and Tuesday) at no charge. The full volume and individual papers will be available for download from Geoscience BC's website.

Geoscience BC Report 2017-03: Search Phase II Airborne Magnetic and Radiometric Survey
Please join us for a media event announcing the official release of this data will be held at 9:00 am on Tuesday January 24th at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Oceanview Suite 7. The report will be made available on Geoscience BC's website at the same time.

Geoscience BC Report 2017-03 presents the results of the Search Phase II airborne magnetic and radiometric survey, located near the communities of Houston, Burns Lake and Fraser Lake. The survey was flown at a line spacing of 250 m, and the total survey coverage is 117,000 line-km. The survey adjoins Geoscience BC's TREK and Search Phase I airborne magnetic surveys in the south and west respectively.

For more information on the Search Project, go to:

Geoscience BC Report 2017-04: 2016 RGS Sample Reanalysis Project
Available at 9:00 am on Monday January 23rd

Ongoing efforts by Geoscience BC and government-funded agencies to update and maintain the geochemical databases established by the British Columbia Regional Geochemical Survey (BCRGS) and the National Geochemical Reconnaissance (NGR) programs have produced one of the most comprehensive collections of field information and multi-element analytical data in Canada. To date, thousands of archived samples have been successfully reanalyzed using modern analytical techniques such as inductively coupled plasma--mass spectrometry (ICP-MS).

Geoscience BC Report 2017-04 presents results of a Geoscience BC--funded reanalysis project that was conducted in 2016. The samples acquired for reanalysis originated from surveys conducted in seven NTS map areas across the province (082G and J; 092N; 093E and H; 103O and P; 104N).

For additional information, please contact
Carolyn Baldridge
Manager, Communications and Outreach
Geoscience BC
Cell: 778-833-4771

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