Geoscience BC Releases Report 2010-12: QUEST-West Project Compilation Maps

December 16, 2010- Geoscience BC is pleased to announce the release of Geoscience BC Report 2010-12: "QUEST-West Project Compilation Maps".

Report 2010-12 contains the final version of a suite of maps prepared for the QUEST-West project, mapping public geology, geophysics, geochemistry and topography data for the QUEST-West project area. Apart from the addition of mineral occurrences data that was updated in Fall 2010, there are no further changes to the data on the maps since the last draft version available on the QUEST-West project page.

Below is the list of maps included in the compilation:

  • Map 2010-12-1: QUEST-West Project - Geology
  • Map 2010-12-2: QUEST-West Project - Mineral Deposits
  • Map 2010-12-3: QUEST-West Project - Geology - Hillshade Composite
  • Map 2010-12-4: QUEST-West Project - NRCAN Magnetics - Total Field
  • Map 2010-12-5: QUEST-West Project - NRCAN Magnetics - Reduced to Pole
  • Map 2010-12-6: QUEST-West Project - NRCAN Magnetics - Potential
  • Map 2010-12-7: QUEST-West Project - NRCAN Gravity - Bouguer Corrected
  • Map 2010-12-8: QUEST-West Project - NRCAN Gravity - Isostatic Residual
  • Map 2010-12-9: QUEST-West Project - NRCAN Gravity - First Vertical Derivative
  • Map 2010-12-10: QUEST-West Project - Airborne Gravity - Bouguer Anomaly
  • Map 2010-12-11: QUEST-West Project - Airborne Gravity - Isostatic Residual
  • Map 2010-12-12: QUEST-West Project - Airborne Gravity - First Vertical Derivative
  • Map 2010-12-13: QUEST-West Project - AeroTEM - First Channel ZOFF1
  • Map 2010-12-14: QUEST-West Project - AeroTEM - Time Constant Tau
  • Map 2010-12-15: QUEST-West Project - Elevation Model
  • Map 2010-12-16: QUEST-West Project - Lake and Stream Sediment Geochemistry - Copper
  • Map 2010-12-17: QUEST-West Project - Lake and Stream Sediment Geochemistry - Molybdenum
  • Map 2010-12-18: QUEST-West Project - Lake and Stream Sediment Geochemistry - Silver

The maps are in PDF format, and are now available from Geoscience BC's website at


Geoscience BC

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