Geoscience BC Releases New Geochemical Data for B.C.'s Southern Interior

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August 11,2010 -Geoscience BC is pleased to announce the release of new geochemical results from the QUEST-South Project. Data released today includes almost 1000 new samples from regional stream-based and basal till geochemical surveys conducted in the Merritt area in 2009.

Geoscience BC's QUEST-South Project, which is focused on B.C.'s southern interior, was designed to provide new regional public geoscience information both to attract new mineral exploration investment into the region as well as provide support to companies already working in the historically active mining area.

"The QUEST-South Project is providing exciting new geoscience information for the mineral exploration industry in southern B.C.," said Randy Hawes, Minister of State for Mining. "High quality public geoscience information is key to stimulating mineral exploration activity in B.C., which in turn attracts new investment into our communities."

Combined with previously released QUEST-South and other public geoscience datasets, this new geochemical information will assist in the identification of new exploration targets as well as encourage the reassessment of known mineral occurrences.

Previously released QUEST-South datasets include a $2 million airborne gravity survey and the results of the reanalysis of an additional 8000 previously collected geochemical samples in the region. Noble Exploration Services Ltd. managed the QUEST-South geochemical project.

"New public geoscience information is very useful to the mineral exploration industry," said Colin Russell, Vice President, Kamloops Exploration Group. "Regional geochemical surveys are the first step in identifying targets of interest for prospectors and geologists alike and are highly valued for the information they provide. The QUEST-South Project is providing information that will allow the industry the opportunity to focus on new targets quicker which means getting people into the field faster for follow up work which benefits everyone."

QUEST-South is the third installment of Geoscience BC's "QUEST" Projects, which in the past have targeted B.C.'s central interior. Since its inception in 2005, Geoscience BC has committed over $20 million to minerals geoscience projects in B.C., which has been matched by almost $7 million in partnership funding. In addition, industry has spent millions following up on Geoscience BC's data releases.

"Geoscience BC is very pleased with the industry uptake of our regional "QUEST" datasets," said 'Lyn Anglin, President and CEO of Geoscience BC. "We expect that there will be similar interest in this new geochemical data."

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