Geoscience BC Releases First Results from Water Disposal Study in Northeast B.C.

March 4, 2015 - Responsible development of natural gas in northeast B.C.'s Montney Play requires large volumes of water to be disposed of and stored in a safe and sustainable manner. To ensure no contamination of drinking water, these produced waters must be injected into deep saline aquifers known as disposal zones. To address this challenge, Geoscience BC collaborated with the BC Oil and Gas Commission in 2014 to develop a program called the Deep Aquifer Fluid Disposal, or DAFD project.

Geoscience BC is pleased to announce today's data release, which represents the completion of the first step of the DAFD project. This first phase of work was conducted by Petrel Roberston Consulting Ltd. (PRCL) and includes mapping and characterization of three different deep saline aquifers, or rock formations, identified as high-priority disposal zone targets.

Geoscience BC Report 2015-03, "Characterization of Belloy and Debolt Water Disposal Zones in the Montney Play Fairway, Northeast B.C." summarizes PRCL's findings, and includes the suite of geological data used to undertake regional reservoir characterization and identify the capacity of the three different deep rock formations to act as secure disposal zones. The report is designed to support future focused reservoir engineering assessments in support of responsible development of B.C.'s natural gas resource.

This report is now available for download at

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