Geoscience BC releases 3D Earth modelling project results to help target resource exploration

November 10, 2014 - In our ongoing efforts to better understand what lies beneath our feet, Geoscience BC is pleased to release Geoscience BC Report 2014-12, "Geologically-Constrained Gravity and Magnetic Earth Modelling of the Nechako-Chilcotin Plateau, British Columbia, Canada."

The work, conducted by Mira Geoscience Ltd., was undertaken to achieve a better geological understanding of the area's underlying structure to help prioritize economic exploration targets, including mineral, oil and gas and geothermal targets. A 3D Earth modelling effort was employed to merge existing geological information from geologic maps, well logs and seismic data with geophysical data (gravity and magnetic data).

The resulting 3D "Common Earth Model" presented in this report is a single representation of the Earth generated from available geoscientific data and interpretations. The model is meant to be tested through drilling and mapping and should be updated and refined by subsequent work at different scales. To fully assess the results, the authors recommend that the accompanying digital results be reviewed in a 3D GIS environment in conjunction with this report.

The report can now be accessed through Geoscience BC's website at

Geoscience BC

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