Geoscience BC Regional Research Updates Held on September 24, 2019

Vancouver, BC – September 26, 2019 – Geoscience BC hosted a series of regional research updates for BC's elected officials and municipal and regional district staff on Tuesday, September 24, 2019.

Data from Geoscience BC’s independent and public minerals, energy and water earth science research advances knowledge, informs responsible development, encourages investment and stimulates innovation.

The series of concise regional update sessions reviewed recently completed, current and upcoming Geoscience BC minerals, oil and gas, geothermal and water research projects in various regions of BC.

The sessions included:

This session covered upcoming minerals research projects, including the ‘Golden Triangle’; planning for Alaskan transboundary water quality monitoring; and information about our work with the Smithers Exploration Group.

  View Northwest Session Presentation

This session covered  planning for an upcoming regional ‘Kootenay Arc’ project; a project looking into extracting Rare Earth Elements from coalfields; research to improve the efficiency and reduce risks of coal sampling; and projects to protect a legacy of minerals samples and knowledge for future generations.

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Geoscience BC has a series of new projects relating to natural gas development coming up. This includes more work investigating ‘induced seismicity’, and new research into hydraulic fracturing wastewater disposal. This session also had updates on existing projects, including a study into he feasibility of using former natural gas wells for geothermal heat and energy at Clarke Lake.

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Carbon Mineralization Potential Assessment for BC

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North Central The main focus of this session was to discuss a major new research series called Central Interior Copper-Gold Research (CICGR), which is investigating the potential for undiscovered mineral deposits buried beneath sands and gravels left behind by the last ice age. We provided an update on some new desk-research, an upcoming request for proposals for project management and future planned projects that will be part of the series.

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