Geoscience BC receives $10 million in new funding from BC government for mineral, water and energy earth science research

Vancouver, BC - January 23, 2017 - Geoscience BC thanked the provincial government for its commitment of $10 million in new funding over two years to support mineral, water and energy earth science research in British Columbia. Premier Christy Clark, made the funding announcement at the Association of Mineral Exploration Annual Round-up Conference in Vancouver today.

"Geoscience BC has provided tremendous value to First Nations, local communities, governments and the resource sector over the past 11 years by providing independent publicly available earth science that leads to more informed and responsible resource management decisions," said Mike Cathro, Geoscience BC Chair. "Today's funding announcement enables Geoscience BC to continue to unlock British Columbia's hidden resource potential that helps attract investment to the province, stimulating economic activity and creating well-paying jobs."

"The scope of Geoscience BC's work over the years from identifying new mineral deposits to improving our understanding of northeast BC's shallow groundwater aquifers to mapping the province's geothermal hotspots have provided new insights into the economic, environmental and social possibilities of responsible resource development," said Robin Archdekin, President and CEO of Geoscience BC. "We appreciate the provincial government's confidence in Geoscience BC and are looking forward to continuing to provide important earth science information that advances our knowledge of B.C.'s resource potential for the benefit of all British Columbians."

Geoscience BC has been working closely with the provincial government over the last four years to secure long-term predicable funding that provides the non-profit organization with the financial stability and certainty needed to support the ongoing earth science research.

Since it was established in 2005, Geoscience BC has leveraged public funding from the B.C. government by attracting $22 million in private funding for applied earth science projects. To date, Geoscience BC's geophysical survey work has covered more than 228,000 square kilometres, an area equivalent to three times the size of Ireland. The organization has managed 103 minerals projects, 50 oil and gas projects, and eight geothermal projects. Over the last decade, B.C.'s share of mineral exploration investment has increased 350 per cent from six per cent in 2005 to 21 per cent in 2015.

Among the projects Geoscience BC plans to launch in 2017 is a joint initiative with a consortium of partners to develop an instrument that will cost-effectively measure greenhouse gas emissions in real time through the use of drones and satellite technology. This initiative will assist the resource sector's remediation efforts and ultimately help the Province to reach its greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Also in 2017, Geoscience BC, in collaboration with the Canadian Carbonization Research Association and its partners, will test the viability of an innovative water-based technology to clean coal samples as part of a quality evaluation process that will reduce costs and improve workplace safety.

About Geoscience BC

Geoscience BC is an independent, non-profit organization that generates earth science information in collaboration with First Nations, local communities, governments, academia, and the resource sector. Our independent earth science enables informed resource management decisions and attracts investment that creates jobs. We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the province of British Columbia.

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