Geoscience BC Map Project to Boost West Kootenays Critical Mineral Exploration

Vancouver, BC – September 28, 2023 – A new Geoscience BC minerals research project will update geology maps to support exploration for the critical minerals needed to meet Canada’s net-zero economy goals in the West Kootenays.

As the search for new deposits of critical minerals and metals continues in BC as a means to contribute to Canada’s net-zero economy goals, areas of historical mining activity are of interest as they may offer as yet undiscovered deposits. The West Kootenays in BC’s Southeast Region, site of historical mining camps such as Rossland, is one such area.

Led by Dr. Trygve Höy, the new project involves updating the western portion of the Nelson mapsheet (NTS 082F) through the compilation of existing geological data, augmented by field surveys and mapping. This project continues eastwards from similar work completed by Geoscience BC in the Boundary District. The maps and supporting new data will be publicly available to industry, Indigenous groups and local communities to inform decision-making around resource development. The project includes collaboration with the BC Geological Survey.

Geoscience BC Vice President Minerals, Christa Pellett said: "Interest in mineral exploration in the West Kootenay region is strong owing to its historical extraction of base metals which includes zinc, listed as one of Canada’s critical minerals and metals. Geoscience BC will boost regional mineral exploration through the provision of freely available and updated geological maps and data.”


Accessing information

To view the research, visit the project page or view the information on Geoscience BC's Earth Science Viewer online mapping application.

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