Geoscience BC Awards Eight Post-Graduate Scholarships

August 3, 2011 -Geoscience BC is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2011 Geoscience BC Scholarship Award in Applied Geoscience. The scholarships, valued at $5000 each, are awarded to deserving post-graduate students working on a mineral or oil & gas thesis topic directly relevant to exploration in British Columbia.

The students were evaluated on their project's technical merit and ability to attract mineral and oil & gas investment to British Columbia and their academic qualifications, work experience, and future goals.

"Geoscience BC is thrilled to continue support for new and exciting geoscience projects by rewarding young, enthusiastic and talented students with scholarships to help their work," said Dr. John Thompson, Chairman of the Board of Geoscience BC. "New people and new ideas continue to be critical for the mineral and oil and gas businesses in British Columbia."

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2011 Geoscience BC Post-Graduate Applied Geoscience Scholarship Recipients:

Piotr Angiel, University of Western Ontario
"Sedimentology and allostratigraphy of a shale-dominated, high-accommodation foredeep: the Shaftesbury Formation (Late Albian), NE British Columbia"

Esther Bordet, University of British Columbia
"Late Cretaceous to Eocene Tectonic and Metallogenic Evolution of the Nechako Region, Central British Columbia: Insights from Volcanic Stratigraphy and Structural Framework Reconstructions"

Mallory Dalsin, University of British Columbia
"The Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Geochronology of the Wicheeda Carbonatite Complex, BC"

Erin Looby, University of British Columbia
"Geologic Framework for Gold Mineralization in the Blackwater Deposit of the Nechako Plateau, Central BC"

Lindsay McClenaghan, University of British Columbia
"Alteration Minerals and the Paragenetic Evolution of Newton Deposit, British Columbia: an Unusual Style of Bulk Tonnage Gold Mineralization"

Colin Smith, University of Victoria
"Petrological linkages between Tertiary Porphyry Cu (Mo-Au) deposits in the Cascades, Washington, Vancouver Island and adjacent Coast Mountains, southwest British Columbia"

Eric-Martial Takam Takougang, Simon Fraser University
"2-D frequency domain waveform tomography of the Queen Charlotte sedimentary Basin of western Canada and the Seattle fault zone"

Stephanie Wafforn, Queen's University
"Reinterpretation of the Structural Geology of the Mount Polley deposit, Likely, British Columbia"

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