Geoscience BC at AME Roundup 2023

Geoscience BC will be at the AME Roundup 2023 conference from January 23rd to 26th, 2023 at Booth #111 with research updates, new research Project Concepts and our popular membership program.

The transition to net-zero and supply security issues are increasing interest in British Columbia’s natural resources, and with it the need for quality public geoscience to inform evidence-based decisions, including those relating to critical minerals and metals, emissions reduction and cleaner energy generation.

Throughout the Conference:

  • Meet some of the Geoscience BC team (Gavin C. Dirom, Christa Pellett, Richard Truman, Brady Clift and Virginie Pochard-Linage) at Booth #111
  • Poster Session (Ballroom C): several posters will feature research supported by Geoscience BC including:
    • Northeastern British Columbia Lithium Formation-Water Database: Forging the Plan, Process and Path
      • Williams, D. Murfitt, E. Pelletier, T. Wilson
    • Exploring stratigraphy under sedimentary cover in the Quesnel terrane using gravity and electromagnetic data
      • Mitchinson
    • Feasibility of in-situ carbon mineralization in serpentinite via shallow injection, British Columbia, Canada
      • Katrin Steinthorsdottir, Greg Dipple, Sandra Snæbjörnsdóttir
    • Geoscience BC in 2022: Summary of Project Activities
      • Geoscience BC
    • Geoscience BC in 2023 and Beyond: Project Concepts
      • Geoscience BC
    • Current and past Geoscience BC Scholarship Program recipient projects:
      • The Origin of the Brucejack Bonanza-Grade Gold-Silver Epithermal Deposit, Northwestern British Columbia: Insights from Syn- to Post-mineralisation Dykes
        • M.H. Ng , A.E. Williams-Jones , D.F. McLeish , J.R. Clark and S. Wafforn
      • Investigating rapid cost-effective British Columbia copper-porphyry indicator mineral identification methods using scanning electron microscope (SEM) and micro-X-Ray-Fluorescence (μXRF) corescanners
        • Eaton, S. Barker, L. Heagy
      • Microbial mineral sensing: applications of microbial community fingerprinting when exploring for buried mineralization
        • P. Iulianella Phillips, R.L. Simister, P.A. Winterburn, C.J.R Hart, and S.A Crowe

Monday, January 23rd

  • Summary of Activities 2022: Geoscience BC will release the Minerals and Energy and Water Summary of Activities 2022 volumes on Monday, January 23rd. They include papers summarizing the majority of Geoscience BC’s completed, ongoing and new research projects in 2022 as well as papers from all current Geoscience BC scholarship recipients. Limited hard copies of the Summary of Activities will be available at Geoscience BC’s AME Roundup booth and digital copies will be available to download from the Geoscience BC website.
  • Central Interior Copper-Gold Research (CICGR): Surficial Exploration Project: Latest report and data from our CICGR program will be published. Geological and mineralogical analyses of over 1,500 till and pebble samples from central BC and an accompanying report will be available on the project’s page on the Geoscience BC website.
    • Meet the Researcher: Project lead Dave Sacco from Palmer will be at the Geoscience BC booth to answer questions about the research from 3:30 to 4:30 PM on January 23rd.

Tuesday, January 24th

  • Meet the Researchers: The Canadian Discovery and Matrix Solutions research team working on the NEBC Lithium - Formation Water Database project will be at the Geoscience BC booth to answer questions about the research from 12:00 to 1:00 PM on January 24th.
  • Meet the Researchers: Several Geoscience BC Scholarship Program 2022 recipients will be at the Geoscience BC booth to answer questions about their projects from 3:30 to 4:30 PM on January 24th.

Wednesday, January 25th

  • We will be celebrating with Geoscience BC Vice Chair Lana Eagle at the AME Awards Gala! Congratulations to Lana on the receipt of the 2022 AME Frank Woodside Gold Pan Award for her distinguished service to AME.
  • Meet the Researchers: Dianne Mitchinson from MDRU (Mineral Deposit Research Unit, UBC) and Dr. Gregory Dipple will be at the Geoscience BC booth from 3:30 to 4:30 PM on January 25th to answer questions about two ongoing projects:
    • Undercover and Deep Geology from QUEST Electromagnetic and Gravity Data
    • Carbon Mineralization Potential Assessment for BC

Geoscience Membership

New members joining Geoscience BC between January 23rd, 2023 and March 31st 2023 will receive the remainder of the 2022-23 year to March 31st for free – as well as a 2023-24 membership! Geoscience BC membership was launched at AME Roundup 2022. In our first year, nearly 150 members representing industry, business, communities, Indigenous groups and academia have joined Geoscience BC to support, provide input, network and stay up to date on Geoscience BC minerals, energy and water research.

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