Geoscience BC Announces Porphyry Integration Project

October 18, 2010-Geoscience BC is pleased to announce the launch of our Porphyry Integration Project. Building on existing data and research collected through Geoscience BC's QUEST Projects (QUEST, QUEST-West and QUEST-South), the project will incorporate the results of many Geoscience BC-funded projects into an integrated model for porphyry system discovery in British Columbia.

The Porphyry Integration Project is unique from other recent porphyry deposit research projects focused on BC deposits in its multidisciplinary and regional approach. The project is focused on compilation and integration of large volumes of existing data, including all recent work on research projects, to provide the exploration community with up-to-date maps and real data on porphyry deposits in BC. The deliverables will include hard copy maps that will be a lasting product for use in porphyry project research as well as by companies in their own targeting exercises. Value added to the datasets will include geochemical and geophysical interpretations by Geoscience BC consultants, providing new ideas for industry to use in porphyry exploration targeting.

Close collaboration with the Mineral Deposit Research Unit at the University of British Columbia and their ongoing work on B.C. porphyry deposits will add to the project. Specifically, this project will benefit from and collaborate with two ongoing GBC-supported projects at MDRU:

Geoscience BC will be contacting select companies that hold properties of interest to participate in the project in the near future. For more information, please contact Geoscience BC at or go to

Geoscience BC

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