Geoscience BC Announces New Minerals Project in Interior Plateau / Nechako Region

January 28, 2013 - Geoscience BC is pleased to announce that we will be initiating a new three-year multi-disciplinary project that will produce, integrate and interpret new geophysical, geochemical and geological data in BC's Interior Plateau / Nechako region.

The Interior Plateau/Nechako region in central BC is recognized as a highly prospective part of the Province but is considered to be underexplored because the significant amount of glacial till and young volcanic cover has discouraged or inhibited effective mineral exploration. The region has the potential to host a variety of mineral deposit types including porphyry copper, porphyry molybdenum and epithermal gold deposits such as Prosperity, Endako and Blackdome, respectively. The recent discovery of the Blackwater gold deposit has identified another deposit type with significant economic potential and further encouraged and increased exploration activity. This renewed interest in the Interior Plateau/Nechako region has emphasized the weaknesses, and therefore the need, for an updated and significantly improved geoscience framework for this region.

This new project will collect new geophysical, geochemical and geological data, and then integrate it with existing datasets. Finally, the combined data will be re-interpreted in order to generate a new and significantly improved geological understanding and data framework for the Interior Plateau/Nechako Region. The project will be undertaken in partnership with the Mineral Deposit Research Unit and the BC Geological Survey.

An initiative to assess the geothermal potential in this area is also being considered. Geoscience BC is presently undertaking discussions on this initiative with local First Nations representatives.

More information on the project will be released through Geoscience BC's website as it becomes available. A poster on the project will be on display today at the Mineral Exploration Roundup Conference in Vancouver.

Geoscience BC is also holding a "Name Our New Minerals Project" contest. Stop by the Geoscience BC booth at Roundup on Wednesday January 30th or Thursday January 31st to enter the contest. Suggestions can also be submitted to . The contest closes Friday, February 1st. The winner* of the contest will receive an iPod Nano.

*In the event that two or more people submit the winning name, one winner will be randomly drawn from that group.

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