Geoscience BC Announces Airborne Electromagnetic Survey in the Horn River Basin

April 21, 2011 -Geoscience BC, in partnership with the Horn River Basin Producers Group, is pleased to announce the launch of an Airborne Electromagnetic Survey research project over four test blocks in the Horn River Basin.

Through a Request for Proposals process, SkyTEM Surveys ApS was selected to undertake this project on behalf of Geoscience BC, the Horn River Basin Producers Group and four individual producer companies.

The project is designed to test the applicability of airborne EM geophysical surveys to map near-surface groundwater in the Horn River Basin environment. A total of approximately 2,400 line-kilometres of data will be collected over 4 separate 100 square kilometre blocks of ground in the Basin, at 200 metre line-spacing.

The data are being collected by a helicopter-borne time-domain EM/Magnetic (TDEM) system built and operated by SkyTEM Surveys ApS. The survey is being carried out with helicopter support provided to SkyTEM by Abitibi Helicopters. As an airborne survey, this project has very low to zero environmental impact on the ground.

Geoscience BC plans to publish the results of this survey in the fall of 2011.

For more information, please contact Geoscience BC at 604-662-4147 or email .

Geoscience BC

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