Geoscience BC Announces 2017 Scholarship Winners

VANCOUVER, BC -- June 20, 2017 - Geoscience BC today announced that seven outstanding post-graduate students have been selected to receive 2017 Geoscience BC Scholarship Awards granted as part of the earth science research organization's commitment to support the next generation of geoscientists.

The scholarships, valued at $5,000 each, are awarded each year to post-graduate students working on a British Columbia-based mineral or energy exploration project and/or development of a related thesis topic.

"Geoscience BC is pleased to sponsor these outstanding students who have excelled in their earth science programs," said Carlos Salas, Acting President and CEO of Geoscience BC. "Since 2007, we have invested $470,000 into our scholarship program assisting in the education of our future geoscientists."

Scholarship applications were evaluated and selected by a volunteer Scholarship Review Committee, consisting of resource sector and academic representatives. They have been awarded to students based on their project's technical merit, the ability of the project to attract investment to BC, the student's interest in exploration and development and his or her academic qualifications, work experience and career goals.

Geoscience BC 2017 Post-Graduate Applied Geoscience Scholarship Recipients:

Laura Desaunoy, Simon Fraser University
Project: Investigating the Geochemistry of Selenium in the Residual Produced from Biological Wastewater Treatment

Vinoth Kumar Kuppusamy, University of British Columbia
Project: A study of characterizing BC coal deposits as a source for Rare Earth Elements

Pablo Lacerda Silva, University of British Columbia
Project: Petroleum System Analysis of the Triassic Doig Formation, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Duncan McLeish, McGill University
Project: The nature and origin of the Brucejack high-grade epithermal gold deposit, British Columbia, Canada

Nicole Rioseco, University of Calgary
Project: Tectonothermal evolution and exhumation history of the southern Purcell Anticlinorium, southeast British Columbia

Matthew Simons, Simon Fraser University
Project: Numerical modeling of highly saline wastewater disposal in Northeast British Columbia

Sterling Vanderzee, University of British Columbia
Project: Carbon Capture and Utilization within Ultramafic Mine Tailings Management

Visit the Geoscience BC website to learn more about the 2017 Scholarship Award winners, or click to access the web page directly.

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