Geoscience BC and BC Geological Survey release new surficial geology maps for central BC

September 17, 2014 - Geoscience BC is pleased to announce the release of Geoscience BC Report 2014-09 / BCGS Geoscience Maps 2014-01 & -02 "Surficial geology of the Nadina River and Colleymount map areas (NTS 093E/15 and 093L/01), British Columbia".

The report can now be accessed through Geoscience BC's website at

About Geoscience BC Report 2014-09 / BCGS Geoscience Maps 2014-01 & 2014-02 T. Ferbey, BCGS

The Nadina River and Colleymount map areas are in the Nechako Plateau, a subdivision of the Interior Plateau with flat to gently rolling topography. The area has an extensive drift cover and sparse bedrock outcrop. These maps are an ancillary product of earlier work devoted to till geochemistry (GBC Reports 2010-10 and 2011-09, or BCGS Open Files 2010-07 and 2011-06), and are based on air photo interpretation and widely spaced ground observations.

These maps are the final deliverables for Geoscience BC Project "Till Geochemistry of Tahtsa Lake District North and Adjacent Areas, West-Central British Columbia -- A Key Ingredient for the Discovery of New Porphyry, VMS, and Polymetallic Vein Mineralization", a Geoscience BC -- British Columbia Geological Survey partnership project. For more information on this project, including previous reports, go to

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