Explore QUEST Project Geochemistry in Google Earth!

July 30, 2009- Geoscience BC is pleased to announce the release of Geoscience BC Report 2009-8: Geoscience BC Data Explorer, a Google-Earth-based Query tool for the exploration of the QUEST project geochemical data recently reanalysed by Geoscience BC. This project was developed by Will Cadell of Timberline Natural Resource Group and Geoff Mulligan of Golder Associates.

Geoscience BC Report 2009-8: Geoscience BC Data Explorer

The Data Explorer allows users to query Geoscience BC's QUEST Project regional geochemical data (stream and lake sediments), providing an extra dimension of visualisation. Instead of seeing every point and having to discern which samples might be of interest, the user is able to input specific geochemical criteria (e.g. copper greater than 500 parts per million) into a web form hosted in Google Earth. The result will include only those samples which match the criteria, delivered directly into Google Earth. This way each user is empowered with a tool to interact with the Geoscience BC geochemical data.

The data explorer currently includes three QUEST Project ICP-MS geochemical datasets, which were released by Geoscience BC in 2008. An extensive help page is provided, as is background information on the QUEST geochemical datasets. All QUEST datasets and reports can be downloaded from Geoscience BC at www.geosciencebc.com/s/Quest.asp.

Geoscience BC

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