Exploration Undercover; a practical example using the QUEST study area

This event took place in 2011

July 26, 2011, Geoscience BC and the BC Geophysical Society would like to draw your attention to an upcoming workshop "Exploration Undercover; a practical example using the QUEST study area". The workshop will be held on Oct 12-14th in downtown Vancouver.

This workshop is being organized in response to the highly successful workshop "Exploration in 2020 - Tools and Techniques to Explore Under Cover", which was held on October 6-7, 2010 in Golden, Colorado as part of the Society of Economic Geologists 2010 Conference. The Vancouver workshop will cover much of the same material but will be tailored to a BC audience.

Workshop Description

Discovery of new mineral resources faces challenges in many parts of the world, with the increased likelihood that new discoveries will be non-outcropping. Moving exploration under cover requires new approaches in the way prospective areas are selected; target models are defined, and geoscience data are acquired, processed and interpreted, with increased emphasis on understanding geology and geophysics in a 3-D environment.

A workshop organized by Geoscience BC and the BC Geophysical Society will review the strategic and tactical issues associated with exploring under cover, with a day of presentations by experts in the geology, geophysics and geochemistry of B.C. porphyry deposits, to be held on Oct 12th. A practical exercise using the emerging under cover porphyry district of the QUEST area will be the focus of the second day (Oct 13th or Oct 14th). This workshop is suitable for practicing explorers and exploration managers.

Presenters will include: John Thompson (Teck Resources Ltd.), Tim Baker (Geological Survey of South Australia, PIRSA), Ken Witherly (Condor Consulting Inc.), Dave Heberlein (Heberlein Geoconsulting), Peter Kowalczyk (Geoscience BC), Paul Schiarriza (BCGS), Jim Logan (BCGS), Fionnuala Devine (Merlin Geosciences), Colin Barnett (BW Mining), Dianne Mitchinson (Mira Geoscience), James Siddorn (SRK Consulting Inc, Canada) and Nigel Phillips (Mira Geoscience).

Registration will open mid-August.

Geoscience BC

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