Edwin Egbobawaye, PhD student, University of Alberta


Edwin Egbobawaye is currently a PhD student at the University of Alberta. He earned a Master’s degree from Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, U.S.A. in 2007 and a B.Sc degree in Geology and Mining from Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria in 1999.


My research on “Tight gas reservoir characterization in Montney and Lower Doig formations, northeastern British Columbia” is crucial at this time when conventional oil and gas exploration in British Columbia has attained maturity and attention is shifting to alternative reservoir types, such as shale gas and tight gas reservoir systems. The Montney Formation and Doig Formation are a primary focus of tight gas exploration in the Province of British Columbia. Despite strong economic interest in shale and silt-hosted hydrocarbons in Montney and Doig formations their geology, geochemistry, and optimum reservoir lithologies within these units remains contentious, poorly understood and have not been adequately characterized.

It is anticipated that the results from this study will adequately characterize the Montney and Lower Doig formations in terms of its geochemistry, and the stratigraphic interval with the optimum reservoir lithologies in northeastern British Columbia. Thus, such findings will constitute one of the primary applicability of this project to the exploration industry in British Columbia. Such a breakthrough is desperately needed by the oil and gas industry at the moment as they scrambles with better understanding of these units. Overall, this will increase investment in shale gas/tight gas exploration in the Province of British Columbia.