East Kootenay Chamber of Mines Core Library Update

March 13, 2013 - Geoscience BC is pleased to highlight the development of the East Kootenay Chamber of Mines (EKCM) Core Storage Library Project. The facility, located near Fort Steele, is a permanent site being developed where geologists and exploration companies will be able to examine archived core from the Sullivan Mine and some parts of the Aldridge Formation. This resource will be a valuable aid in planning exploration and in evaluation of properties in the region, without creating any new disturbance.

The Core Storage project has been supported to date through donations from Geoscience BC (through the "Stimulating Exploration in the East Kootenays Project"), the Columbia Basin Trust, the Province of BC and local mining and exploration companies. EKCM is still looking for additional financial support for the initiative, so that archiving of existing core can be completed.

The EKCM Core Storage Project has been many years in the making. Historically, most drill core in the region has been left in the bush or taken into private storage locations, with the geological knowledge it contains not publicly available. The EKCM, along with the Geological Survey of Canada, has scanned drill logs, mine sections and some maps from Teck Cominco's Sullivan Mine and regional exploration programs. Thousands of meters of diamond drill remain to be moved to the new core library site. Some core from Sullivan Mine and the Vulcan property is now onsite.

The new core library site is fenced and gated for protection of the drill core. Storage of the drill core is in covered organized racks that will be accessible most of the year. Photos of the new facility can be found here: https://www.ekcm.org/.

About the East Kootenay Chamber of Mines

The East Kootenay Chamber of Mines is a Non Profit society formed to support Mining and Exploration in the East Kootenays. A base of local geologists, prospectors and mineral / placer claim owners volunteer to act as directors and project managers. The EKCM stores and has available miscellaneous geological books and all mineral assessment reports to 2005 inclusive in hardcopy. Their office is located in Cranbrook, BC.


Geoscience BC

Geoscience BC is an industry-led, industry-focused not-for-profit society. Its mandate includes the collection, interpretation and marketing of geoscience data and expertise to promote investment in resource exploration and development in British Columbia. Geoscience BC is funded through grants from the Provincial Government and works in partnership with industry, academia, government, First Nations and communities to attract mineral and oil & gas investment to BC.


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