BC Economic Atlas gets a boost with addition of Geoscience BC data

Vancouver, BC - July 26, 2018 - Unbiased, public data from Geoscience BC can now be accessed through the Province of British Columbia's BC Economic Atlas online mapping tool, adding another convenient way to acquire earth science data important for natural resource decisions.

This news means that the location of data from more than 180 Geoscience BC minerals, energy and water projects dating back to 2005 can be viewed alongside hundreds of data layers in the BC Economic Atlas, as well as through Geoscience BC's website, which includes its Earth Science Viewer mapping application.

The BC Economic Atlas is a user friendly, publicly available web-based mapping application. It is a hub for business and investment information, providing a picture of what is happening with BC's economy. Having easily accessible and integrated data allows access to critical information quickly at no cost.

"By adding data from Geoscience BC to the BC Economic Atlas, people now have access to more information that's relevant to British Columbia's rich natural resources sector," said Bruce Ralston, Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology. "Now, potential investors and economic development professionals will have B.C. mining and geoscience data at their fingertips, making the BC Economic Atlas an even more valuable tool for exploring economic opportunities in B.C."

"All data and reports produced by Geoscience BC are public and can be used to inform decisions relating to minerals, energy and water resources in British Columbia," said Geoscience BC President and CEO Gavin C. Dirom. "Adding Geoscience BC project information to the BC Economic Atlas provides a new way to find information about our data alongside important data from other sources."

Viewing Geoscience BC projects with the BC Economic Atlas

The BC Economic Atlas provides access to a multitude of spatial economic and natural resource data relevant to business and investment decision-making. This includes natural resource and economic data.

The BC Economic Atlas can be accessed here. A quick reference guide to using the BC Economic Atlas can be viewed here.

Geoscience BC projects can be found in the 'Mining and Geoscience' layer group of the BC Economic Atlas.


About Geoscience BC

Geoscience BC is an independent, non-profit organization that generates earth science information in collaboration with First Nations, local communities, governments, academia and the resource sector. Our independent earth science enables informed resource management decisions. You can view a copy of the Geoscience BC Strategic Plan 2018-2022 here. Geoscience BC gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.