Another new Geoscience BC -- supported product: Image Analysis Toolbox on Exploration Assistant ( )

January 10, 2006 -Another new Geoscience BC -- supported product: Image Analysis Toolbox on Exploration Assistant ( )

Image Analysis Toolbox (IAT):  The IAT was originally delivered by Cal Data Ltd. as an AME BC Rocks to Riches project January 2004 and January 2005.  The IAT was enhanced and ASTER images added through funding from Geoscience BC (ASTER Imagery project ) in June 2005.  The IAT is a framework to add, process and display a variety of multi and hyperspectral imagery. The IAT includes Enhanced Satellite Imagery delivered by McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd.

A description of these projects and use of the IAT are available in Fieldwork 2003 p. 209-215: Kilby, W.E., Kliparchuk, K. and McIntosh, A. Image Analysis Toolbox and Enhanced Satellite Imagery Integrated into The MapPlace . Recently the following was placed online:Report 2006-3:Examining ASTER Imagery with the MapPlace Image Analysis Toolbox - A Tutorial Manual, by W.E. Kilby and C.E. Kilby, Cal Data Ltd.

To use the IAT, open the Exploration Assistant and select the Image Analysis Toolbox, an image, then Analyze Image.