Karin Fecova, MSc student, Simon Fraser University


I was born and raised in Slovakia. In 2002 I settled in Canada and started working towards a BSc. in Earth Sciences. During my undergraduate studies I shaped my area of interest based on knowledge gained during the study and on field experience gained during the 2004, 2005, 2006 seasons. My field experience consists of assisting at different projects in geology such engineering geology at Hope Slide, BC, East Gate Landslide, BC, Aishihik Landslide, YT; sedimentology and Quarternary geology at localities on Vancouver Island, the Queen Charlotte Islands and the Yukon; exploration geology at Red Mountain in Yukon respectively. Recently I’ve started a MSc under the supervision of Dan Marshall working on a project involving igneous petrology, ore deposits and mineralogy.


The major areas of research covered by my thesis are an updated geology map and tectonic setting for the Nootka Sound region on Vancouver Island, B.C. coupled with a detailed study of some newly discovered layered ultramafic units within the Jurassic Island Intrusive Suite. This thesis will combine a variety of lab techniques with field mapping to try to fully understand the nature and chemistry of the layered ultramafic units, assess their economic potential and place them in modern tectonic framework with the other rocks and mineralization in the area.