Summary of Activities 2010

Summary of Activities 2010Geoscience BC, Report 2011-1

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Individual Papers

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Foreward (PDF document, 4.0 MB) (file size-reduced version, 442 KB) Note: Also contains the document title page, publishing information and table of contents
Minerals Projects
Devine, F.: Porphyry Integration Project: combining British Columbia's Wealth of datasets with modern exploration geoscience at the district scale to provide new insight into porphyry-deposit exploration strategies (PDF document, 2.9 MB) (file size-reduced version, 221 KB)
Heberlein, D.R. and Dunn, C.E.: Preliminary results of a vegetation, Ah-horizon soil and charcoal geochemical investigation at the Kwanika Central zone, north-central British Columbia (PDF document, 11.5 MB) (file size-reduced version, 1.0 MB)
Mitchinson, D.E. and Enkin, R.J.: Continued investigations of physical property–geology relationships in porphyry-deposit settings in the QUEST and QUEST-West project areas, central British Columbia (PDF document, 12.9 MB) (file size-reduced version, 979 KB)
Norris, J.R., Hart, C.J.R., Tosdal, R.M. and Rees, C.: Magmatic Evolution, mineralization and alteration of the Red Chris copper-gold porphyry deposit, northwestern British Columbia (PDF document, 8.0 MB) (file size-reduced version, 705 KB)
Meuzelaar, T. and Monecke, T.: Carbonaceous mudstone hosting the Eskay Creek deposit, northwestern British Columbia: multivariate statistical analysis of compositional trends (PDF document, 6.0 MB) (file size-reduced version, 647 KB)
Stumpf, A.J.: Quaternary geology and till geochemistry of the Bulkley River valley, west-central British Columbia (PDF document, 3.6 MB) (file size-reduced version, 352 KB)
Ferbey, T.: Quaternary geology and till geochemistry of the Colleymount map area, west-central British Columbia  (PDF document, 5.0 MB) (file size-reduced version, 406 KB)
Ward, B.C., Leybourne, M.I. and Sacco, D.:  Drift prospecting within the QUEST Project area, central British Columbia: potential for porphyry copper-gold, volcanogenic massive sulphide mineralization and gold-copper veins (PDF document, 31.8 MB) (file size-reduced version, 2.6 MB)
Mortensen, J.K., Rhys, D.A. and Ross, K.: Investigations of orogenic gold deposits in the Cariboo gold district, east-central British Columbia: final report  (PDF document, 3.8 MB) (file size-reduced version, 512 KB)
Chapman, R.C. and Mortensen, J.K.: Characterization of placer- and lode-gold grains as an exploration tool in east-central British Columbia  (PDF document, 10.4 MB) (file size-reduced version, 762 KB)
Vaca, S., Bissig, D.E., Mitchinson, S., Barker, S. and Hart, C.J.R.: Variability in the basaltic rocks hosting copper-gold porphyry mineralization in the Quesnel terrane, south-central British Columbia: geochemistry, stable isotopes and physical properties (PDF document, 7.7 MB) (file size-reduced version, 606 KB)
Mortensen, J.K., Lucas, K., Monger, J.W.H. and Cordey, F.: Geological investigations of the basement of the Quesnel terrane in southern British Columbia: progress report (PDF document, 3.7 MB) (file size-reduced version, 258 KB)
Paradis, S., Keevil, H., Simandl, G.J. and Raudsepp, M.: Geology and mineralogy of carbonate-hosted nonsulphide Zn-Pb mineralization in southern and central British Columbia (PDF document, 35.2 MB) (file size-reduced version, 2.4 MB)
Enkin, R.J., Paradis, S. and Simandl, G.J.: Physical properties of carbonate-hosted nonsulphide Zn-Pb mineralization in southern and central British Columbia (PDF document, 6.9 MB) (file size-reduced version, 897 KB)
Jackaman, W.: British Columbia Regional Geochemical Survey Program: new analytical data and sample archive upgrades (PDF document, 10.1 MB) (file size-reduced version, 901 KB)
Oil and Gas Projects
Hayes, B.J.R., Hume, D.W., Webb, G., Costanzo, S., Hopkins, M. and McDonald, D.: Deep aquifer characterization in support of Montney gas development, northeastern British Columbia: progress report  (PDF document, 6.7 MB) (file size-reduced version, 500 KB)
Brown, D.A.: Overview of the Montney Water Project: a new Geoscience BC initiative in northeastern British Columbia (PDF document, 3.1 MB) (file size-reduced version, 377 KB)
Bustin, R.M., Chalmers, G. and Bustin, A.A.M.: Quantification of the gas-in-place and flow characteristics of tight gas-charged rocks and gas-shale potential in British Columbia (PDF document, 4.0 MB) (file size-reduced version, 381 KB)
Zubin-Stathopoulos, K.D., Dean, G.J., Spratt, D., Beauchamp, B., Spratt, D.A. and Henderson, C.M.: Tectonic evolution and paleogeography of Pennsylvanian–Permian strata in east-central British Columbia: implications from stratigraphy, fracture analysis and sedimentology (PDF document, 14.3 MB) (file size-reduced version, 1.1 MB)
Henderson, C.M.: Biostratigraphic correlation and shale fabric of Lower Triassic strata, east-central British Columbia (PDF document, 3.2 MB) (file size-reduced version, 291 KB)
Golding, M.L., Zonneveld, J-P., Orchard, M.J., Ferri, F. and Mortensen, J.K.: Stratigraphic correlation and sedimentary provenance of Triassic natural gas–bearing rocks in northeastern British Columbia: correlation from outcrop to the subsurface (PDF document, 4.0 MB) (file size-reduced version, 545 KB)
Bordet, E. and Hart, C.J.R.: Characterization and structural framework of Eocene volcanic sequences in the Nechako region, central British Columbia (PDF document, 18.1 MB) (file size-reduced version, 1.4 MB)
Smithyman, B.R. and Clowes, R.M.: Improved near-surface velocity models from the Nechako Basin seismic survey, south-central British Columbia, part 2: full-waveform inversion  (PDF document, 6.0 MB) (file size-reduced version, 565 KB)
Talinga, D.A. and Calvert, A.J.: Velocity models from three-dimensional traveltime tomography in the Nechako Basin, south-central British Columbia (PDF document, 5.5 MB) (file size-reduced version, 393 KB)
Farquharson, C.G., Craven, J.A., Hurich, C.A., Spratt, J.E., Welford, J.K. and Pilkington, M Modelling and investigation of airborne electromagnetic data and reprocessing of vibroseis data from the Nechako Basin of south-central British Columbia, guided by magnetotelluric results  (PDF document, 1.0 MB) (file size-reduced version, 135 KB)