Summary of Activities 2009

Geoscience BC, Report 2010-1

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Individual Papers

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QUEST-South Projects
Simpson, K.A.: QUEST-South geophysics: new airborne gravity survey in southern British Columbia (parts of NTS 093A, B, 092H, I, O, P, 082A, E)  (PDF document, 3.3 MB) (file size-reduced version, 319 KB)
Jackaman, W. and Reichheld, S.A.: QUEST-South geochemical database upgrades - new survey and sample reanalysis data, southern British Columbia (NTS 082E, L, M,092H, I, J, O, P)  (PDF document, 5.9 MB) (file size-reduced version, 553 KB)
Minerals Projects
Heberlein, D.R.: Comparative study of partial and selective extractions of soils over blind porphyry copper-gold mineralization at Kwanika and Mount Milligan, central British Columbia (NTS 093N/01, /19): fieldwork, soil conductivity and pH results  (PDF document, 8.8 MB) (file size-reduced version, 963 KB)
Bouzari, F., Hart, C., Barker, S. and Bissig, T.: Porphyry indicator minerals (PIMs): exploration for concealed deposits in south-central British Columbia (NTS 092I/06, 093A/12, 093N/01, /14)  (PDF document, 4.6 MB) (file size-reduced version, 799 KB)
Sacco, D.A., Ward, B.C., Maynard, D., Geertsema, M. and Reichheld, S.: Terrain mapping, glacial history and drift prospecting in the northwest corner of McLeod Lake map area (part of NTS 093J), central British Columbia  (PDF document, 10.3 MB) (file size-reduced version, 905 KB)
Ferbey, T.: Quaternary geology and till geochemistry of the Nadina River map area (NTS 093E/15), west-central British Columbia  (PDF document, 3.7 MB) (file size-reduced version, 373 KB)
Bissig, T., Vaca, S., Schiarizza, P. and Hart, C.: Geochemical and physical variations in the Late Triassic Nicola Arc and metallogenic implications, central British Columbia (NTS 092P, 093A, N): preliminary results  (PDF document, 3.1 MB) (file size-reduced version, 279 KB)
Mitchinson, D.E. and Bissig, T.: Enhancing geophysical interpretation and mineral deposit modelling through knowledge of physical rock properties: magnetic susceptibility studies for porphyry deposits in the QUEST and QUEST-West areas (NTS 93E, K, N)  (PDF document, 6.0 MB) (file size-reduced version, 569 KB)
Mortensen, J.K. and Chapman, R.: Characterization of placer- and lode-gold grains as an exploration tool in east-central British Columbia (NTS 093A, B, G, H)  (PDF document, 7.8 MB) (file size-reduced version, 868 KB)
Norris, J.R., Hart, C.J.R., Tosdal, R.M. and Rees, C.: Preliminary study of the magmatic evolution, mineralization and alteration of the Red Chris copper-gold porphyry deposit, northwestern British Columbia (NTS 104H/12W)  (PDF document, 7.1 MB) (file size-reduced version, 696 KB)
Byrne, K., Tosdal, R.M. and Simpson, K.A.: Coherent and clastic rocks in the Southwest Zone alkalic porphyry copper-gold system, Galore Creek, northwestern British Columbia (NTS 104G)  (PDF document, 21.6 MB) (file size-reduced version, 2.2 MB)
Pignotta, G.S., Mahoney, J.B., Hardel, B.G. and Meyers, J.L.: Volcanic facies, deformation and economic mineralization in Paleozoic strata of the Terrace- Kitimat area, British Columbia (NTS 103I)  (PDF document, 6.5 MB) (file size-reduced version, 627 KB)
Smith, J.L. and Arehart, G.B.: Isotopic investigation of the Adanac porphyry molybdenum deposit in northwest British Columbia (NTS 104N/11): final project report  (PDF document, 4.1 MB) (file size-reduced version, 541 KB)
Höy, T.: Geology of the Deer Park map area, southeastern British Columbia (NTS 082E/08)  (PDF document, 8.2 MB) (file size-reduced version, 881 KB)
Canil, D.: Ultramafic intrusions, detailed geology and geobarometry of the Jurassic Bonanza Arc in the Port Renfrew region, southern Vancouver Island (NTS 092C)  (PDF document, 3.6 MB) (file size-reduced version, 385 KB)
Ruks, T., Mortensen, J.K. and Cordey, F.: New Results of Geological Mapping and Micropaleontological and Lead Isotopic Studies of Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide--Hosting Stratigraphy of the Middle and Late Paleozoic Sicker and Buttle Lake Groups on Vancouver Island, British Columbia (NTS 092B/13, 092C/16, 092E/09, /16, 092F/02, /05, /07)  (PDF document, 22.4 MB) (file size-reduced version, 1.7 MB)
Cadell, W.M. and Mulligan, G.: Development of a Google Earth query tool for wider dissemination of British Columbia data to the geoscience community  (PDF document, 909 KB) (file size-reduced version, 270 KB)
Barlow, N.D., Flower, K.E., Sweeney, S.B., Robinson, G.L. and Barlow, J.R.: QUEST and QUEST-West Property File: analysis and integration of Property File's Industry File documents with British Columbia's MINFILE (NTS 093, 094A, B, C, D, 103I)  (PDF document, 8.5 MB) (file size-reduced version, 1.2 MB)
Owsiacki, G. and Payie, G.: MINFILE update of the QUEST project area, central British Columbia (parts of NTS 093A, B, G, H, J, K, N, O, 094C, D)  (PDF document, 16.6 MB) (file size-reduced version, 967 KB)
Oil and Gas Projects
Hayward, N. and Calvert, A.J.: Near-surface volcanic rocks in the southeastern Nechako Basin, south-central British Columbia (parts of NTS 092N, O, 093B, C): interpretation of the Canadian Hunter seismic reflection surveys and first-arrival tomographic inversion  (PDF document, 20.5 MB) (file size-reduced version, 1.8 MB)
Smithyman, B.R. and Clowes, R.M.: Improved nearsurface velocity models from the Nechako Basin seismic survey, south-central British Columbia (parts of NTS 093B, C, F, G), part 1: traveltime inversions  (PDF document, 3.8 MB) (file size-reduced version, 483 KB)
Cassidy, J.F., Kim, H., Idowu, O., Kao, H., Dosso, S., Frederiksen, A., Mercier, J-P., Bostock, M., Frassetto, A. and Zandt, G.: Passive source seismic studies of the sediments, crust and mantle beneath the Nechako Basin, south-central British Columbia (NTS 092O, 093B, C, F, G)  (PDF document, 7.3 MB) (file size-reduced version, 725 KB)
Hayes, B.J.R.: Horn River Basin aquifer characterization project, northeastern British Columbia (NTS 094I, J, O, P): progress report  (PDF document, 2.2 MB) (file size-reduced version, 254 KB)
Golding, M.L., Ferri, F., Mortensen, J.K., Zonneveld, J-P. and Orchard, M.J.: Biostratigraphic and sedimentological studies of natural gas-bearing Triassic strata in the Halfway River map area (NTS 094/B), northeastern British Columbia: progress report  (PDF document, 4.4 MB) (file size-reduced version, 446 KB)
Henderson, C.M., Zubin-Stathopoulos, K., Dean, G., Spratt, D. and Chau, Y.P.: Tectonic history, biostratigraphy and fracture analysis of upper Paleozoic and lowest Triassic strata of east-central British Columbia (NTS 093I, O, P): preliminary report  (PDF document, 10.4 MB) (file size-reduced version, 885 KB)