Geoscience BC Report 2015-12

Regional Geochemical and Mineralogical Data - TREK Project Year 2, Interior Plateau, British Columbia
- W. Jackaman, D.A. Sacco and R.E. Lett
(NTS 093B,C,F,G)

Report Components

Report Description

The TREK Project is a multi-year activity focused on generating a new geological understanding of part of the Interior Plateau of British Columbia. The project involves several integrated geochemical, geophysical and geological studies over this area, where rocks of the Stikine Terrace are mantled by younger volcanic rocks and glacial deposits. A part of the program, this project is a continuation (Year 2) of a surficial sampling program started in 2013. Presented in this report, is the geochemical and mineralogical data obtained from analysis of basal till samples that were collected throughout the area. The report includes descriptions of 566 till samples and geochemical analyses (ICP and INAA). Gold grain and pebble counts were also conducted on selected samples. The results are provided in digital format as excel (xlsx) files and as maps displaying proportion symbol plots of the ranges of various metals within the till samples.

Suggested Reference

Jackaman, W.,Sacco, D.A. and Lett, R.E.(2015): Regional Geochemical and Mineralogical Data, TREK Project - Year 2, Interior Plateau, British Columbia; Geoscience BC, Report 2015-12.

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    • Geoscience BC Report 2015-09:Geochemical Reanalysis of Archived Till Samples, TREK Project, Interior Plateau, central BC (parts of NTS 093C, 093B, 093F & 093K) May 28, 2015

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