Geoscience BC Report 2014-11

Geochemical Expression in Soil and Water of Carbon Dioxide Seepages near the Nazko Volcanic Cone, Interior Plateau, central BC (NTS 093B/13)
by R. Lett and W. Jackaman

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Report Description
Geoscience BC Report 2014-11 presents the results of a geochemical study of ground water, surface water, travertine and soil samples collected from the Nazko area in 2013. The study was designed to examine the signature of associated with carbon dioxide gas seepage in the region. This work was funded by Geoscience BC through the TREK Project, and was designed to compliment previous investigations on the potential for geothermal occurrences in the region as well as support local community interest in geothermal resources.

Suggested Reference
Lett, R. and Jackaman, W. (2014): Geochemical expression in soil and water of carbon dioxide seepages near the Nazko volcanic cone, interior plateau, central BC, NTS 093B/13; Geoscience BC, Report 2014-11, 88 p.

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