Geoscience BC Report 2014-05

Acquired Heliborne High Resolution Aeromagnetic Surveys in the Blackwater District, TREK Project Area, British Columbia
by Geoscience BC

Report Components

  • Logistical Reports (zip, 1.7 MB)
  • Magnetic Datasets (zip, 33.6 MB)
  • Grid files (zip, 13 MB)
  • Maps
  • Maps Produced by Geoscience BC

  • TREK Blackwater District Airborne Geophysics - Residual Magnetic Intensity Map (pdf, 17 MB)
  • TREK Blackwater District Airborne Geophysics - First Vertical Derivative of Total Magnetic Intensity Map (pdf, 20 MB)
  • TREK Blackwater District Airborne Geophysics - Analytic Signal of Total Magnetic Intensity Map (pdf, 12 MB)
  • Report Description
    Geoscience BC Report 2014-05 combines high resolution, helicopter-borne magnetic data in the TREK project area from RJK Explorations Ltd. (RJK) and Deveron (Greencastle) Resources Ltd. (Deveron) properties in the Blackwater District, Nechako Region. The magnetic surveys total 1584 line-km and 1450 line-km, respectively, and each were flown using 100 m line spacing. Despite their relatively small sizes, the surveys were purchased because of their high quality and their location within an area of high interest.

    The aeromagnetic data contained within this report consists of data from 3 blocks comprising 2 separate surveys. Both datasets were acquired as part of DIGHEM EM surveys, with the magnetometer on the EM bird. The RJK data was flown by Fugro as Job 10071 from 19 December 2010 to 11 January 2011. The RJK survey comprises approximately 1584 km in total over two survey blocks. The Deveron data was flown by Fugro as job 10059 from 21 October to 27 October 2010. The Deveron data comprises approximately 1450 km of data collected as one survey block.

    Both surveys had an average sensor height of 48 m on east-west lines with an average flight line separation of 100 m and with north-south tie lines approximately every 1000 m. All data is presented in the NAD83 UTM Zone 10 datum and projection.

    It should be noted that the acquisition of EM data was the primary purpose of these surveys. As a result, the acquisition drape was as close to the ground surface as possible consistent with safe operation of the EM system, and the resulting drape may not be as smooth as it would be if the magnetometer was the primary sensor.

    The area was also flown by Geoscience BC during the TREK data acquisition and the TREK data was flown on a designed drape surface over the same area. The two datasets are highly compatible with the heliborne magnetic data presented in this report, providing high resolution data acquired closer to the ground surface and at tighter line spacing. For additional details, the user is referred to the Fugro logistics reports for the two surveys.

    TREK Airborne Magnetic Survey

    Suggested Reference
    Geoscience BC (2014): Acquired Heliborne High Resolution Aeromagnetic Surveys in the Blackwater District, TREK Project Area, British Columbia; Geoscience BC, Report 2014-05.

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