Geoscience BC Report 2014-04

Fixed Wing and Acquired Helicopter-borne Magnetic Geophysical Survey, TREK Project, Interior Plateau/Nechako Region, British Columbia
by Aeroquest Airborne Ltd.

Report Components

"Original" refers to data acquired exclusively by Aeroquest Airborne Ltd.; "Merged" refers to Aeroquest data merged with helicopter-borne data

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  • Report Description
    Geoscience BC Report 2014-04 presents the results of the TREK airborne magnetic survey flown over BC's northern Interior Plateau region. Aeroquest Airborne Ltd. flew the survey from August through November 2013. The survey was flown at a line spacing of 250 m, and the survey coverage totals 103,839 line-km.

    Heliborne magnetic data from two large blocks within the greater TREK survey were purchased from Amarc Resources Ltd. prior to Aeroquest commencing the survey. As a result, these large blocks, Amarc's Galileo and Hubble properties, were omitted from the TREK flight plan. Information for both the merged and original (unmerged) datasets are included with this report. The merged database includes only the mag channel from the fixed-wing tail sensor because the Amarc data only had single-sensor magnetic data to merge with. The channels for the wingtip mag data and measured gradient can be found in the original dataset.

    TREK Airborne Magnetic Survey

    Suggested Reference
    Aeroquest Airborne Ltd. (2014): Fixed Wing Magnetic Geophysical Survey, TREK Project, Interior Plateau/Nechako Region, British Columbia, Canada; Geoscience BC, Report 2014-04, 40 p.

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