Geoscience BC Report 2013-10

New Terrain Maps in the McLeod Lake Map area (NTS 093J), British Columbia
by D.A. Sacco, B.C. Ward, M. Geertsema and D.E. Maynard

Report Components

Report Description
Geoscience BC Report 2013-10 comprises six 1:50,000 terrain maps in the McLeod Lake map sheet (NTS 093J), as well as a digital data package. The maps are hybrid surficial geology / terrain maps that were produced using standardized terrain mapping methods. Surficial material, surface expression and geomorphological processes were used to delineate terrain polygons on 1:40,000 black-and-white aerial photographs. The map legend is a closed, surficial geology format based on the dominant surficial material and is used to assign polygon colours. Individual polygon labels can contain more detailed terrain information based on the terrain classification system. Where applicable, additional polygon information such as sediment descriptions and minor surficial materials and surface expressions are recorded in the terrain database.

The maps will be useful to the resource industry by indicating areas that contain till and therefore can be used in drift prospecting. The maps can also be used to identify various types of granular resources, such as aggregate for road building, fine grained (clay) material for lining tailings ponds, and bulk fill.

A drift thickness map and ice flow maps for the same area were previously released by Geoscience BC as GBC Report 2010-14 and GBC Report 2013-08 respectively.

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