Geoscience BC Map 2010-15-1 / GSC Open File 6657

Bedrock cross-sections in Chasm Provincial Park
by R -E. Farrell, J.K. Russell and K.A. Simpson

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Report Description
This report contains four photomosaic and associated line drawing cross-sections related to GBC Map 2009-16-1 / GSC Open File 6320 "Geology, Chasm Provincial Park and vicinity, British Columbia." The modified method of Architectural Element Analysis used at Chasm, and inter-relationships of the lavas and paleosols at Chasm, are described in Farrell, 2010.

Suggested References
Farrell, R-E., Russell, J.K., and Simpson, K.A. (2010): Bedrock cross-sections in Chasm Provincial Park; Geological Survey of Canada Open File 6657 and Geoscience BC Map 2010-15-1; 1 sheet.

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