Geoscience BC Map 2010-7-1

Geology of the Deer Park Map Sheet (NTS 82E/08)
Geology and compilation by Trygve Höy
Cartography by Wayne Jackaman

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Report Description
Geoscience BC Map 2010-7-1 is a 1:50 000 scale geology map of the Deer Park sheet (NTS 82E/08) in southeast British Columbia. The map sheet is located along the eastern edge of the Penticton (082E) sheet, northwest of the Rossland Camp and northeast of the Greenwood Camp. The Franklin gold camp is located immediately north of the map sheet. Recent exploration activity has been moderate concentrated mainly in the Franklin Camp and south into the Deer Park sheet, and in the southern part of the map sheet.

Suggested References
Höy, T. and Jackaman, W. (2010): Geology of the Deer Park Map Sheet (NTS 082E/08); Geoscience BC Map 2010-7-1; 1 sheet, scale 1:50 000.

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