Geoscience BC Map 2009-16-1 to 4/ GSC Open File 6230

Geology, Chasm Provincial Park and vicinity, British Columbia
by R.-E. Farrell, R.G. Anderson, K.A. Simpson, G.D.M. Andrews and J.K. Russell

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Chasm Provincial Park is located northeast of Clinton, British Columbia, occupies 3067 hectares. Within the park, which includes the Chasm Canyon, extending approximately 8 km to the south and ranging from 500 - 3000 m wide and 300 m deep, the Chilcotin Group basalt dominates the landscape and bedrock geology.

The Chilcotin Group basalt overlies rocks of the Permian Cache Creek Group, Eocene Kamloops Group and Miocene Deadman River Formation. This Geoscience BC Report/GSC Open File provides the distribution of these units as well as graphic logs, georeferenced magnetic susceptibility data, geochronology sample locations, and location and mineral deposits. All of these data are referenced on the map. It also provides a summary of interim reports on the area. A main focus of this publication is the volcanic facies distribution of the Chilcotin Group basalt, which is well exposed in the Chasm Canyon.

Suggested References
Farrell, R.-E., Anderson, R.G., Simpson, K.E., Andrews, G.D.M., and Russell, J.K. (2009): Geology, Chasm Provincial Park and vicinity, British Columbia; Geological Survey of Canada Open File 6230 and Geoscience BC Map 2009-16-1; 1 sheet, scale 1:20 000.

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