Characterization of Belloy and Debolt Water Disposal Zones in the Montney Play Fairway, Northeast BC - Phase I

Researcher(s):  Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd.

Report ID:  GBCR 2015-03

Key Research Organization(s):  Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd.

Strategic Focus Area:  Water

Report Description

Intensive development of the Montney tight siltstone and shale play in northeastern B.C. presents new challenges to both operators and to the BC Oil & Gas Commission. One of the key challenges is in accessing appropriate water source and disposal zones to support horizontal drilling and multifrac completions. Source water can be obtained from surface water bodies, shallow non-saline aquifers, or deep saline aquifers. However, spent completion fluids and produced waters must be injected into deep saline aquifers to ensure complete isolation from surface waters and non-saline groundwater.

The Montney unconventional play fairway spans both Plains and Foothills areas in the Peace River region and northwestward. Potential disposal zones in deep saline aquifers exist across the fairway, but their distribution and injectivity characteristics are highly variable. Geoscience BC's Montney Water Project provides a comprehensive regional inventory of water resources and potential for deep geological disposal sites in the Montney (, and is an excellent starting point for detailed local work on specific water disposal issues.

Recent injection activity has shown that more work is required, as performance of some existing injection wells has not been satisfactory. Geoscience BC and the BC Oil & Gas Commission have collaborated to develop a scope of study that addresses many of the water disposal challenges. The Belloy, Kiskatinaw and Debolt formations have been identified as high-priority disposal zone targets requiring detailed assessment.

Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd. (PRCL) was engaged by Geoscience BC to undertake regional reservoir characterization of the Belloy, Kiskatinaw, and Debolt formations, with emphasis on identifying their capacity to act as secure disposal zones. This report summarizes PRCL's findings, and is designed to support future focused reservoir engineering assessments.


Suggested Reference

Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd. (2015): Characterization of Belloy and Debolt Water Disposal Zones in the Montney Play Fairway, Northeast B.C.; Geoscience BC, Report 2015-03.

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