Golden Triangle Geophysics Data Compilation Project

Lead Researcher(s):  

Project ID:  2018-056

Key Research Organization(s):  Geoscience BC

Project Location:  Northwest BC

Strategic Focus Area:  Minerals


This project is improving the quality and coverage of publicly accessible geophysical data in an area known as the Golden Triangle in British Columbia’s Northwest Region by acquiring and publishing privately held industry data. The Golden Triangle is BC’s most active mineral exploration area. It hosts several operating and past-producing mines as well as hundreds of mineral exploration and early mine development projects.

Geoscience BC is seeking quality airborne geophysical data, specifically airborne magnetic data, for the Golden Triangle. If you have data that you would like to contribute, please email goldentriangle@geosciencebc.com by 12:00 pm PST on Friday October 16, 2020.

Free Golden Triangle Data Webinar – September 29, 2020!

Geoscience BC is hosting a free webinar about this project and about public data available for the area.

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The Need

Regional geophysical data is often gathered using helicopter or airplane and is used to help understand a region’s geology. Magnetic data is used to identify changes in geology that can highlight potential mineral exploration targets. Magnetic data can be used to generate two-dimensional maps and three-dimensional models to identify potential mineral deposits.

The focus of this project is acquiring, reviewing and purchasing existing airborne magnetic data that is not available publicly for the Golden Triangle. Collected data will be consolidated and published to provide a more comprehensive public geophysics dataset for the area.

Bringing together large-scale, high quality data for the Golden Triangle region has short- and long-term uses, including improving the understanding of the area’s major geological features and the mineral systems throughout the region. The data will be valuable to the mineral exploration sector, governments, Indigenous groups and academia to guide decisions about mineral exploration. It may also guide future geoscience initiatives.

Project Goals

This project fits under Geoscience BC’s Strategic Objective of ‘Identifying New Natural Resource Opportunities’ and the goal to:

  • Undertake research that adds value to existing or ongoing data sets through ground-truthing studies, data interpretation and mining camp compilations.

Specifically, this project is:

  • Generating a regional-scale airborne geophysical dataset for the Golden Triangle area;
  • Stimulating new geological interpretations; and
  • Facilitating innovative uses of geophysical data by providing a very large public data set.

This project is being led by Geoscience BC, and is part of collaborative approach to public geoscience with the British Columbia Geological Survey (BCGS). An agreement between Geoscience BC and the BCGS was announced in July 2020.

Project Benefits

This project will help to identify regional scale geologic trends that can focus exploration for new deposits or extensions of existing deposits, attracting continued mineral exploration interest and investment in BC’s Northwest Region.

A regional-scale geophysical compilation will enable broad interpretation of the geology and mineral potential in the Golden Triangle and can be used by mineral exploration companies, Indigenous groups, governments and academia to plan and attract investment to BC.

Survey Area

This project covers an area known as the Golden Triangle in BC’s Northwest Region. An outline of the project area can be seen on Geoscience BC’s Earth Science Viewer and in the map below. The Golden Triangle is in the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine.

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Download shapefile of Project Area

The northern boundary of the project area meets Geoscience BC’s previous QUEST-Northwest project.  View QUEST-Northwest Project