Glacial Geologic Framework and Drift Prospecting for a Portion of the QUEST Project Area

Key Researcher(s):  B. Ward

Project ID:  2007-026

Key Research Organization(s):  Simon Fraser University

Project Location:  Central Interior

Focus Area:  Minerals


The area of mountain pine beetle infestation in central British Columbia has areas of highly prospective bedrock geology, but exploration has been limited due to thick cover of surficial deposits. Knowledge of the glacial history, specifically the ice flow history and dominant transport direction is vital to interpret geochemical surveys. Significant knowledge gaps exist in the glacial history of the QUEST area and thus pose a significant hindrance on exploration. This project is designed to address these knowledge gaps by providing a Quaternary framework and both regional and detailed till based geochemical surveys. This ambitious project will occur over three years and provide: Glacial Geologic Framework and Drift Prospecting in QUEST Project area

This will stimulate exploration in beetle kill affected areas by the release of new surficial geology and geochemical survey data and provide a framework for companies to interpret their own datasets. This project will also provide invaluable training for at least two M.Sc. students and numerous undergraduates.

  1. the regional glacial geologic framework for NTS 93 G, H (west half), and J from the central portion of the Quest area.
  2. a map of approximate drift cover for areas within NTS 93 G, H (west half), and J based on existing terrain, soils, and surficial geology mapping as well as forestry-related terrain mapping.
  3. To carry out terrain mapping of six 1:50,000 scale sheets
  4. Till geochemical (trace, minor and major elements by aqua regia-ICP and INAA) and gold grain counts and heavy mineral separates of these new sheets,
  5. detailed geochemical surveys down ice of two geophysical anomalies from the recently completed geophysical surveys.