Targeted Energy Resource Studies in the Bowser and Sustut Interior Basins of BC

Key Researcher(s):  C. A. Evenchick

Project ID:  2005-036

Key Research Organization(s):  Natural Resources Canada

Project Location:  Skeena

Focus Area:  Energy-Oil and Gas


The Bowser and Sustut basins are Interior Basins of Jurassic and Cretaceous age in north-central British Columbia. They have been under-explored in terms of hydrocarbon resources because of widespread misperceptions of their prospectivity, largely due to the reconnaissance nature of all geoscience work there until recently. This project is focussed on specific, detailed, energy resource studies which will complement an existing regional GSC project titled "Integrated Petroleum Resource Potential and Geoscience Studies of the Bowser and Sustut Basins". Elements of the project are: - Sample, analyse, and prepare and publish reports of data and interpretation, for Apatite Fission Track Thermochronology (AFTT) of the southern basins; - Sample, analyse, and prepare and publish reports of data and interpretation, for petroleum generation, migration, and entrapment studies; - Conduct fieldwork, sample, analyse results, and prepare and publish reports for detailed study of the early Bowser Basin history and structural development data management, integration, and digital publication. The third element will provide detailed field data on the important early history and geometry of the basin. The fourth element on data management, integration, and publication is critical because communication of data and interpretations are key to attracting investment to the region. The sample analysis and interpretation aspects of this proposal are studies critical to understanding petroleum systems in sedimentary basins, which is an essential element of a geoscience/resource framework on which to base sound exploration decisions.