Volunteering Opportunity: Geoscience BC Geothermal Technical Advisory Committee

Applications are now closed

Vancouver, BC – March 1, 2021 – Geoscience BC is seeking volunteers to join our Geothermal Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), a group of experts that identifies, plans, develops and reviews our independent, relevant and public geothermal related earth science research in British Columbia.

Geoscience BC’s Minerals, Oil & Gas and Geothermal TACs are an essential part of our collaborative and innovative organization. The TACs generate, solicit, review and recommend proposals for Board approval, and their expertise is vital to the success of our research.

We plan to welcome up to three new members to the Geothermal TAC, which currently has eleven members. This will add to the committee’s knowledge of geoscience and geothermal resources in BC, and expand its field of expertise.

New Geothermal TAC members will be part of our valuable network of expert volunteers with decades of combined experience. Current members are:

  • Cathie Hickson: Geothermal Canada and Chair, Geothermal Technical Advisory Committee
  • Gavin C. Dirom: Geoscience BC (non-voting)
  • Grant Ferguson: University of Saskatchewan
  • Stephen Grasby: Geological Survey of Canada, Natural Resources Canada
  • Jasmin Raymond: Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique – Eau Terre Environnement
  • Tim Sadlier-Brown: Sadlier-Brown Consulting Ltd.
  • Carlos Salas: Geoscience BC (non-voting)
  • Alex Tu: BC Hydro
  • Nathalie Vigouroux-Caillibot: Douglas College/ SFU (adjunct)
  • Warren Walsh: BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation
  • Jeff Witter: Innovate Geothermal Ltd.
Geothermal TAC members are asked to attend four two-hour meetings per year, each with approximately one hour of reading and preparation. They may also be required to attend ad hoc meetings. The standard term for TAC membership is three years. A working group of Geoscience BC staff and TAC volunteers will review applications for TAC membership. TAC membership is approved by the Geoscience BC Board of Directors. TAC members are required to sign Geoscience BC’s Code of Conduct and Ethics, and Conflict of Interest Guidelines.

If you have a proven track record in working with multi-interest stakeholder groups, a positive spirit, and are interested in joining our Geothermal TAC, please email info@geosciencebc.com with:

  • A copy of your resumé
  • A one-page letter stating why you would like to join the Geothermal TAC, including the top three things you would advocate for Geoscience BC to accomplish.
You can also email info@geosciencebc.com if you have questions about joining the Geothermal TAC. Applications will close at 5:00 PM Pacific Time on Monday, March 22, 2021.

We would like to thank departing Geothermal TAC members David Chapman and Sarah Kimball for their time, expertise and valuable input.

Supporting documents

If you are interested in joining our Geothermal TAC, please review the documents below.

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