Upcoming Geoscience BC Events - Data Release and GBC Research Review Day

Upcoming Geoscience BC Data Release -- Sept 16th, 2009

August 26, 2009-Geoscience BC (GBC) will be releasing GBC Report 2009-15 "QUEST Project: 3D inversion modeling, integration, and visualization of airborne gravity, magnetic, and electromagnetic data, BC, Canada" on Wednesday September 16 at 10 am (Pacific). The report and data will be made available both through GBC's website (free download) and on a USB Flash Drive. As the results of the project total almost 20 GB in size, GBC recommends that interested parties opt for the flash drive. The flash drive will be available at GBC's office in Vancouver for $100 (cost of a 32 GB flash drive).

Report Summary:

The Mira Geoscience Advanced Geophysical Interpretation Centre has completed 3D inversion modeling, integration, and visualization of airborne gravity, magnetic, and electromagnetic data for the QUEST Project area, BC, Canada. The objective of this work is to provide useful 3D physical property products that can be directly employed in regional exploration to target prospective ground based on different exploration criteria.

This work considers all airborne gravity, magnetic and electromagnetic data available for the QUEST project area. The inversions were performed using the UBC-GIF GRAV3D, MAG3D, and EM1DTM, suite of algorithms for the gravity, magnetic, and AEM data respectively. The products are 3D inversion models of density contrast, magnetic susceptibility, and electrical conductivity, and integrated products combining the individual physical property models.

Final density contrast, magnetic susceptibility, conductivity models have been integrated into a Common Earth Model ready for 3D GIS analysis, interpretation, and integration with geologic, drill-hole, and other geophysical information. The extensive set of digital deliverable products that accompany this report include: physical property cut-off iso-surfaces, observed and predicted data, and the inversion models in several different, commonly used formats. A suite of 3D PDF scenes have been produced to aid in visualization and communication. The resulting physical property models can be used to guide regional targeting and help design more detailed, follow-up data acquisition.

Geoscience BC's Research Review Open House -- Sept 17th, 2009

GBC is please to announce it will be hosting a Research Review Open House on Thursday, Sept 17th to showcase several of our ongoing and completed projects. The event will take place at SFU Harbour Centre (Room 1900) from 1:00-4:30pm.

Topics confirmed:

  • 3D Inversion Modelling, Integration, and Visualization of QUEST Project Airborne Gravity, Magnetic, and Electromagnetic Data - Nigel Phillips, Mira Geoscience Ltd
  • Mt. Milligan Inversions -- Doug Oldenburg, UBC-GIF
  • Target generation from QUEST geochemical Data using the CSIRO SOM analysis results-- Peter Kowalczyk, Geoscience BC Project Team
  • Glacial Geologic Framework and Drift Prospecting for a Portion of the QUEST Project Area-- Brent Ward, SFU
  • Structural, Geochronological and Isotopic Investigations of Orogenic Gold Deposits in the Cariboo Gold District, East-Central British Columbia-- Jim Mortensen, MDRU-UBC
  • New ways of thinking of the Bralorne-Bridge River gold district: insights from geochronology and isotopes-- Craig Hart, MDRU
  • Stratigraphic and Paleotectonic Studies of the Middle Paleozoic Sicker Group and Contained VMS Occurrences, Vancouver Island, British Columbia-- Jim Mortensen, MDRU-UBC

If you are interested in attending GBC's research review day, please RSVP to info@geosciencebc.com.

Geoscience BC

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