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Kootenay Arc Regional Project Scoping Study

Lead Researcher(s):  To Be Determined

Project ID:  2018-054

Key Research Organization(s):  To Be Determined

Project Location:  East Kootenay Regional District, Columbia Shuswap Regional District

Strategic Focus Area:  Minerals


This project will explore how new techniques, fresh approaches, and modern boots-on-the-ground research can be applied to study the geology of the Kootenay Arc, Belt-Purcell Basin, and Shuswap Metamorphic complex, a few of the province's more prospective geological environments.

The Need

Despite decades of geological study, a long history of mining, and numerous active exploration projects, the Kootenay Arc, Belt-Purcell Basin, and Shuswap Metamorphic Complex would benefit from new public geoscience to encourage investment and inform decision-making.

By taking an inventory of existing earth science information and soliciting input from subject matter experts, this project will identify the most relevant and necessary research needed for this area and set priorities for geoscience proposals in the three geological environments.

The information generated by projects guided by this scoping study will contribute to a better understanding of the mineral systems that are known or could potentially occur in this region. The new information will then enable explorers and land managers to target their exploration efforts in the most prospective areas and inform future land use decisions.

Project Goals

  • Phase 1: Prepare a report that inventories the state of geoscience in the three geological environments plus a preliminary evaluation of where there are geoscience gaps
  • Phase 2: Prepare a summary report that documents the findings from 1-3 focus group events where subject matter experts review the Phase I report, share insights and ideas and set priorities for geoscience proposals in the three geological environments.
  • Phase 3: Prepare a report that presents proposals based on the state of public geoscience in the three geological environments and focus group results for Geoscience BC’s consideration.

Project Benefits

There has been significant gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc mining in the Kootenay region of southeastern BC since the late 1880s. The presence of these deposits suggests that this area has the potential to host similar deposits. Using modern tools and techniques, this area can be re-examined with fresh eyes.

This scoping study will focus research attention and spending on the aspects of the geology in this region to maximize return on investment… to make sure the new earth science information generated will be credible, relevant and of the highest quality.

Survey Area

Planning for this project is in East Kootenay Regional District, including the communities of Salmo, Balour, Kootenay Bay, Kaslo, Argenta, Poplar Creek, Gerrard, Trout Lake, Arrowhead, Revelstoke and Canyon Hot Springs.