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Porphyry Integration Project

Lead Researcher(s):  F. A. M. Devine

Project ID:  2010-002

Key Research Organization(s):  Merlin Geosciences

Project Location:  Central Interior

Strategic Focus Area:  Minerals


Geoscience BC launched this project to determine the geochemical, geological and geophysical signatures for select alkalic and calc-alkalic porphyry districts through compilation, interrogation and interpretation of public, and where possible, company datasets. The projects build on existing data and research collected through Geoscience BC's QUEST projects (QUEST, QUEST-West, and QUEST-South) to maximize the value of that investment. It incorporates results from the various research projects into an integrated model for porphyry system discovery in BC. In addition, the project includes one targeted geochemistry project that will complement the existing geochemical data and research. The project consists of three modules that are coordinated by Geoscience BC and are led by consultants in collaboration with MDRU. The final product will include case studies of approximately ten porphyry deposits as well as a revised understanding of porphyry footprints in BC at local, district and where possible, regional scales to assist in guiding future exploration projects.

The Geoscience BC project team is led by three principal technical members:

  • Dave Heberlein (Geochemistry module)
  • Peter Kowalczyk (Geophysics module)
  • Fionnuala Devine (Geology module)

The Mineral Deposit Research Unit (University of British Columbia) also has collaborated on the project. Fred Blaine contributed geochemical data from an MDRU project developing geochemical models for BC porphyry deposits and Dianne Mitchinson completed a Geoscience BC-supported post-doc project working on geophysical inversions of select BC porphyry deposits. Her work has been incorporated into the Porphyry Integration Project.

For more information on this project, please contact Geoscience BC.