Monitoring and Geohazards

Key Researcher(s):  M. J. WhiticarArrayTBD

Project ID(s):  2016-065, 2022-007

Key Research Organization(s):  Geoscience BC, Geochemical Analytic Services (GASCO), NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), OptoKnowledge Systems Inc. (OKSI), InDro Robotics, TBD

Project Location:  Northeast BC, Southwest BC

Strategic Focus Area:  


Accurate monitoring and measurement of the atmosphere, hydrogeological conditions and geohazards increases our technical knowledge that leads to more effective planning and mitigation and improves best practices and regulation. For example, Geoscience BC’s GHGMap project has developed a tool to measure greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions quickly and effectively. The project has seen significant interest from BC’s natural gas sector as it seeks to minimize GHG emissions. In another example, Geoscience BC has an agreement in place with Fort Nelson First Nation, which manages a network of hydrometric monitoring stations in its territory.


Project Concept: Haznet

HazNet-Pacific (‘Hazard Network’) is a multi-year initiative in British Columbia that addresses a suite of regional environmental hazards through the use of an ultra-high density, strategically placed sensor network. The initial project would be located in BC’s Metro Vancouver Regional District (MVRD) and Capital Regional District (CRD) but can be expanded nationally or beyond.

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GHGMap: Aerial Measurements of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, British Columbia